South East College is a centre of excellence in the provision of Further Education & Training with a specific focus on employed learners. South East College is an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Approved Centre. Course subjects taught cover a wide range of fundamental business skills required for best in practice management and leadership and include traditional management studies such as Communication Management, Project Management, Customer Management, Finance, Team Management, and Marketing to name but a few; to contemporary subjects such as Creativity & Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Mental Toughness, Critical Thinking and Enterprise Awareness and Coaching & Mentoring. All qualifications are awarded by the Institute of Leadership & Management (a City & Guilds Group) and sited on the Quality & Qualifications Ireland Framework (QQI) from levels 4 to 7.


Courses available are both pragmatic and focused, offering learning and development for todays and tomorrow’s leaders and managers. Our teaching philosophies employed underpin learner success by utilising blended teaching methods such as; tutor directed classroom learning and self-directed learning, supported by an eLearning platform (Moodle). All courses are delivered as unit-based qualifications, through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Unit based qualifications allows the learner choose from studying an Award, a Certificate or a Diploma.
    • An Award is a short qualification covering 3 to 5 learning units and is usually completed within 3 to 5 months.
    • A Certificate is generally completed within 8 to 12 months and suitable for those wanting a more comprehensive range of subjects to study covering between 9 and 12 units of learning.
    • A Diploma is for those looking to gain a complete range of skills, knowledge and understanding in leadership and management. A Diploma is generally completed within 14 to 24 months and covers 11 to 20 units of learning.
Our students come from various backgrounds, including the Pharmacy Sector, Building and DIY Sector, Manufacturing Engineering Sector, as well as the Retail Sector, including grocery, homeware, etc.  For some students, this is their first qualification and for others who hold a primary degree, this is continuous professional development.


Bespoke courses can be offered in Sales Management, Team Management, Human Resource Specialist and in Department Management. Each bespoke course can be made up of a combination of focussed learning units.
    • For Sales Management; units may include Effectively Selling, Writing or Business, Making Presentations and/or Managing Meetings.
    • For Team Management, suitable units of learning may include; Developing Yourself as a Team Leader, Understanding Effective Team Working, Setting Team Objectives in the Workplace, Developing the Work Team, and/or Workplace Communication.
    • For Human Resource Specialist, units may include Understanding Recruitment and Selection of New Staff in the Workplace, Understanding the Induction of New Staff in the Workplace, Understanding Training and Coaching in the Workplace, Understanding Performance Management and or Understanding Discipline in the Workplace
    • For Department Management, completing the following units of learning would be suitable; Planning and Allocating Work, How to Motivate to Improve Performance, Understanding Leadership, Solving Problems and Making Decisions, Developing Yourself and Others and or Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation.



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For further details of any qualification or course of study, contact our office on 053 9428773 or email info@southeastcollege.ie